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Q&A: Backing Up/Forwarding Text Messages (SMS) to Email [Android]

In our first, Q&A session, “SL” asks about backing up Text Messages (SMS) to an email account on Android.

Q from SL:

I need an app to send my texts (not my IMs) but actual phone to phone texts to my email address.
I was looking at Bundle Pro.  But there’s only one review and its $10.00.
I need to send certain ones to email not all.  So I will probably have to just send them all.
Any suggestions?

Bundle Pro might do it. I don’t see any good information on how it works or what limitations it has, but remember that the Android Market has a 15 minute return policy now, instead of the former 24 hours.  This means that if you try it out and it doesn’t do what you need, you have 15 minutes to get a refund.

Some other possibilities are SMS Backup or SMS Backup Plus.

Lifehacker has a great article on SMS Backup and you can find SMS Backup Plus in the Android Market.  These seem to be the user favorites for auto-sending to your Gmail account.  If you don’t want to send it to Gmail (or the Gmail associated with your Android account) then you might want to look at some of the other options below.  TrickyWays has a really great rundown on SMS Backup Plus.

Here’s another paid app, but it automatically forwards your SMS messages to any email address: TxtForward

And another one that’s only $1  called Auto SMS To Email.

There are some other alternatives mentioned in the Android Forums.

[Sources AndroidZoomLifehacker, TrickyWays, ElectricPocketAndroid Forums]

If anyone has any recommendations for apps that and back up, archive or forward text messages to an email account, on Android or any other platform, feel free to post them in the comments section and I’ll update this article.

If you have any “how do I..?” type questions, feel free to send them along to contact@hightechaffairs.com.

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