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News: ooVoo for Android arrives!

ooVoo is one of the coolest video chat programs I’ve ever used. Not only is it completely video-centric (with text chat sort of an afterthought). I’ll bore you with more details in the full writeup of the service I’ll do later, but for now it’s significant to point out that they’ve released an app for Android that allows up to 6-way video chat!

Like a lot of video chat apps for mobile, it only works (or works well) on select devices, specifically the ones with front-facing cameras such as the HTC Evo 4G and the Samsung Epic, but it does claim to work over wifi, 3G and 4G whereas some require wifi connections.

Unlike the desktop app, it doesn’t seem to support sending an email to a non-ooVoo user so they can watch your stream via a web browser, you need to select an ooVoo contact to connect with.  Maybe there’s a way since the Mashable article mentions it, but I didn’t see the option in the app itself.

Still, pretty exciting news for mobile shenanigans!

ooVoo says it’ll be coming to more Android and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc) soon!

ooVoo Mobile for AndroidooVoo Mobile for Android

[Source ooVoo via Mashable and intomobile]

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