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News: FaceVsion TouchCam V1

Webcams have come a long way from the giant, low res monstrosities.. or the forerunner, the Connectix Quickcam with it’s off-white ball design that looked like an eyeball.  Now you can get a basic webcam for $10, but there’s always a push for bigger, better, faster, more.  Without getting into the prosumer grade of video cameras that you could, if you chose, also use as a webcam, there’s still a good push for regular webcam flavored webcams.

A new contender seems to be FaceVsion (note the odd spelling) and their N1 and V1 cameras.  I can’t tell if they’re “Korean knockoff goofy” or if they’re legit and fresh and new.  I’m leaning toward the latter because they really have something interesting here.

Facevsion's TouchCam N1

For just an affordable and very sexy $69, you get this beautiful white camera that would be at home in the kitchen as well sa the boudoir 🙂

It supports H.264 and can do 720p “highdef” and makes SkypeHD super happy.  Maybe this will help raise the bar in webcam quality so we won’t have to squint as much, trying to figure out if that’s a nipple or just an encoding artifact.

[Source Engadget, product page at faceVsion]

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