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Tips: Use Facebook Lists to Control Your Social Stream

Do you want to keep all your socialness in one place like Facebook, but hesitate every time you go to post about the late night drinking in a place not just your friends, but your family, may see as well?   Facebook has controls for that!

Do keep in mind that Facebook is ever evolving and there have been times when permissions and settings have been lost or reset resulting in things that were previously hidden suddenly becoming visible, so be smart and either set up two Facebook accounts (one naughty, one relatively nice) or just don’t post things to the “relatively nice”  profile that could get you in serious trouble if the privacy controls fail.

Get Better Privacy and Less Chat Annoyance with Facebook Lists

[Source: Lifehacker]

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News: Lifehacker’s 5 Best Mobile IM Apps

Hmm.. not sure I’d call this the ‘best’ mobile instant messenger apps, but it’s what Lifehacker decided to publish.  There are some good ones on this list, though, that I’ll be covering in more detail later.

For now, here’s the short list.  Read more details over at Lifehacker at the source link below.


Five Best Mobile Instant Messaging Applications - Beejive

Blackberry Messenger

Five Best Mobile Instant Messaging Applications - Blackberry Messenger

Google Talk

Five Best Mobile Instant Messaging Applications - Google Talk


Five Best Mobile Instant Messaging Applications - Meebo


Five Best Mobile Instant Messaging Applications - Trillian

[Source Lifehacker]

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News: Facebook for Android Gets FB Chat Support

In  a recent update to the official Facebook app for Android, they’ve finally added chat support and push notifications.  This will allow you yet another method of keeping in real-time touch with your favorite toyfriend. 🙂

Facebook Android Logo

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News: Skype video chat may be coming to Facebook

Skype, everyone’s favorite VOIP and video chat IM app may be making moves to embed it’s services into Facebook, potentially allowing Facebook users to voice and video chat with each other from within a Facebook page.  This means that Facebook could become a player in the sexy video chat arena as people go from casually chatting and messaging to getting a little real face to face for some sexy time!

Nothing is certain yet, but it appears that they’re doing preliminary testing for embedded video chat.

Tal Ater on Green Any Site via TechnoBuffalo

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