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News: Yahoo IM for Android Updated, Adds VoIP Calling

A while ago, Yahoo IM for Android was updated just for the MyTouch 4G, version 1.1 I believe, to include support for video calling using the MyTouch4G’s front-facing camera.  Copies of the ripped app were all over the place, but it was a little tricky to get set up.  Now with versions 1.2 and 1.3 officially on the Android App Market, you’re now able to get the officially updated version of Yahoo Messenger and get the new Voice and Video plugin (installed within the app, even though it does appear in the Android Market).  For now, only the MyTouch 4G and EVO 4G are supported, but hopefully they’ll add more support for other devices soon.  Even without a front-facing camera, you could still take advantage of the voice calling.

yahoo im for android

[Source Droid Life via AndroidGuys]

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News: Lifehacker’s 5 Best Mobile IM Apps

Hmm.. not sure I’d call this the ‘best’ mobile instant messenger apps, but it’s what Lifehacker decided to publish.  There are some good ones on this list, though, that I’ll be covering in more detail later.

For now, here’s the short list.  Read more details over at Lifehacker at the source link below.


Five Best Mobile Instant Messaging Applications - Beejive

Blackberry Messenger

Five Best Mobile Instant Messaging Applications - Blackberry Messenger

Google Talk

Five Best Mobile Instant Messaging Applications - Google Talk


Five Best Mobile Instant Messaging Applications - Meebo


Five Best Mobile Instant Messaging Applications - Trillian

[Source Lifehacker]

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News: LiveProfile Messenger Beta for Android Released

One of the things Blackberry pioneered was a new, more functional IM specifically for mobile devices. Blackberry Messenger was way more suited for phones than traditional IM apps. Because of this and the fact that traditional IMs still don’t do push notifications very well, there’s a great niche for apps like LiveProfile, especially when they can work across multiple platforms.

LiveProfile (one word) is current in beta for Android, but they’re working hard on Blackberry and iPhone/iPod versions as well.

With many competitors such as Kik, WhatApp and PingChat already around, some people ask “why do we need another device-to-device IM solution?” but as the saying goes, there’s always room at the top.  The trick is getting all your friends to commit to using the same app, but if you can do that.. this looks like a great D2D option.

BTW.. it can also be used as a replacement for your default text app!


[Sources LiveProfile via xda]

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Q&A: Backing Up/Forwarding Text Messages (SMS) to Email [Android]

In our first, Q&A session, “SL” asks about backing up Text Messages (SMS) to an email account on Android.

Q from SL:

I need an app to send my texts (not my IMs) but actual phone to phone texts to my email address.
I was looking at Bundle Pro.  But there’s only one review and its $10.00.
I need to send certain ones to email not all.  So I will probably have to just send them all.
Any suggestions?

Bundle Pro might do it. I don’t see any good information on how it works or what limitations it has, but remember that the Android Market has a 15 minute return policy now, instead of the former 24 hours.  This means that if you try it out and it doesn’t do what you need, you have 15 minutes to get a refund.

Some other possibilities are SMS Backup or SMS Backup Plus.

Lifehacker has a great article on SMS Backup and you can find SMS Backup Plus in the Android Market.  These seem to be the user favorites for auto-sending to your Gmail account.  If you don’t want to send it to Gmail (or the Gmail associated with your Android account) then you might want to look at some of the other options below.  TrickyWays has a really great rundown on SMS Backup Plus.

Here’s another paid app, but it automatically forwards your SMS messages to any email address: TxtForward

And another one that’s only $1  called Auto SMS To Email.

There are some other alternatives mentioned in the Android Forums.

[Sources AndroidZoomLifehacker, TrickyWays, ElectricPocketAndroid Forums]

If anyone has any recommendations for apps that and back up, archive or forward text messages to an email account, on Android or any other platform, feel free to post them in the comments section and I’ll update this article.

If you have any “how do I..?” type questions, feel free to send them along to contact@hightechaffairs.com.

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News: Use Your MagicJack Account on Android

I love those happy little hackers over at xda.  They whip some some great little apps that fill niche needs nicely (but with less alliteration than I make it out to be).

A while back, xda member yozpalang shoehorned a magicJack app so you don’t need that unsightly dongle and can actually use the service in a more mobile sense.  Like other VoIP services, this can be a way to separate your clandestine calling habits from your main landline and cell phone and keep your dirty little secret as secret as it is dirty!

magicJack DongleAndroid xda magicJack Dialpad

[Source xda via PocketNow, magicJack]

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News: IM+ 3.3 Available for Android

XDA member vit_ reports that a new version of IM+ is now available on the Android platform.

Some improvements include group chats, easier switching between chat windows and the ability to log into several accounts on the same IM service.

IM+ is also available for iPhone/iPod/iPad, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, Java, Palm and a Web version.  More details on their web page.

IM+ 3.3 for Android

[Source xda-developers]

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Tips: Video Calling with Qik and fring

PocketNow.com gave a good rundown a while ago of some of the issues with running video chat programs such as Qik and fring.

fring video call

Read more about it on PocketNow.com’s article.

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News: Facebook for Android Gets FB Chat Support

In  a recent update to the official Facebook app for Android, they’ve finally added chat support and push notifications.  This will allow you yet another method of keeping in real-time touch with your favorite toyfriend. 🙂

Facebook Android Logo

[Source via slashgear]

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News: ooVoo for Android arrives!

ooVoo is one of the coolest video chat programs I’ve ever used. Not only is it completely video-centric (with text chat sort of an afterthought). I’ll bore you with more details in the full writeup of the service I’ll do later, but for now it’s significant to point out that they’ve released an app for Android that allows up to 6-way video chat!

Like a lot of video chat apps for mobile, it only works (or works well) on select devices, specifically the ones with front-facing cameras such as the HTC Evo 4G and the Samsung Epic, but it does claim to work over wifi, 3G and 4G whereas some require wifi connections.

Unlike the desktop app, it doesn’t seem to support sending an email to a non-ooVoo user so they can watch your stream via a web browser, you need to select an ooVoo contact to connect with.  Maybe there’s a way since the Mashable article mentions it, but I didn’t see the option in the app itself.

Still, pretty exciting news for mobile shenanigans!

ooVoo says it’ll be coming to more Android and iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc) soon!

ooVoo Mobile for AndroidooVoo Mobile for Android

[Source ooVoo via Mashable and intomobile]

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News: Trillian 1.0 Released for Android

Trillian is one of the best multi-IM programs out there and they’ve finally come out of beta for Android with Trilliant 1.0.  It costs $5 via the Android Market but they’re looking into alternate ways to pay including a free/discounted version for people who already paid for Trillian Pro.

Trillian for Android WelcomeTrillian for Android Accounts ListTrillian for Android ContactsTrillian for Android Chat

[Source AndroidGuys and Trillian for Android]

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