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About CT

Everyone has the right to privacy and everyone has the right to fun.  We’re dedicated to helping you get the most out of dating, sex and relationships and getting the most out of today’s best technology and gadgets.  We are sex positive and believe in everyone’s right to happiness, however you find it.


I will make ever effort to list sources for things I use on this blog, but if I miss something you created, feel free to contact me nad I will be happy to add the proper attribution or remove your property as is deemed necessary.  Thanks to all the great artists, programmers and other creative types who fill the gaps in time and talent where I fall short.


  • WordPress – the best personal and professional blog software I’ve ever used
  • Google Analytics – Along with WordPress Stats, gives a good idea of what is going on and saves me the trouble of coding the tracking myself
  • Flattr – Fantastic little micro-payment/thank you system
  • Twitter Tools – Alex King and Crowd Favorite
  • jQuery – Without which, I’d probably hardly ever use JS. What a lifesaver
  • Akismet – Another lifesaver. I’d permanently disable comments if I didn’t have their great spam catching system
  • WP-Table Reloaded
  • jQuery Lightbox for WordPress
  • Twitter Tools plus Bit.ly plugin for WordPress
  • XML-Sitemap for WordPress


A global “thank you” to artists for releasing their work under Creative Commons. I’ll do my best to abide by your licensing.

All art used on this website should be assumed to be copyrighted by HighTechAffair.com unless otherwise noted.  If you see any art that isn’t attributed here or on the page that it appears that you believe isn’t original art or isn’t properly credited, please let me know and I’ll make sure to either remove it or credit the proper people.

Specific art used now or previously:

binaural-beat-digital-drug by digitalbob8 on Flickr under Creative Commons Attribution License.